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Fisheating Creek Outpost Guide

Hidden away in south Florida, Fisheating Creek Outpost is a popular destination for nature lovers. The cypress trees and Spanish moss set the scene at this outpost, abundant with wildlife like alligators, turtles, and a variety of birds. 

Visitors here enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing, but the most popular activity is a good kayaking trip. 

This guide offers information on the best time of year to visit, with a more detailed look at the camping options and other amenities the Fisheating Creek Outpost offers. 

About The Fisheating Creek Outpost

The Hours For The Outpost

The hours for the outpost may vary depending on the water levels. If you will be arriving at the outpost near their normal opening or closing times, you should contact them online to confirm their opening hours. 

If you need to check in or out of the outpost campground outside of their opening hours, contact the outpost to confirm you’ll be able to do so. 

Their scheduled opening hours vary from day to day but typically looks like this: 

  • Monday through Thursday: 9 am to 5 pm
  • Friday: 9 am to 8 pm
  • Saturday 8 am to 8 pm
  • Sunday 8 am to 5 pm 

The outpost is open all year long, including holidays.

The Entrance Fee For The Outpost

It costs two dollars per person to enter the outpost. 

You can also purchase an individual annual pass for $60 a year or a family pass for $100 a year. 

If you have an additional axle for parking, there is an additional two dollar fee. 

Available At the Outpost

The Fisheating Creek Outpost has a few amenities available for visitors. 

The most common is their campground, which has 120 sites. You can learn more about the campground below in this guide.

Seasonally, starting in November and staying open until Mid-April, food is provided at the Riverside Grill. This is a food truck with meals and snacks available. 

There are designated parking areas and two cars allowed per campsite for parking.

Most who visit the outpost will stop in The Camp Store. The Camp Store is where you can find snacks, souvenirs, and fishing supplies. This is also the place to check in if you are staying at the campground. 

The Camp Store has rentals available for bicycles, paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes. 

What To Know Before Planning Your Trip

To better plan your trip, you’ll want to take a look at the year round weather conditions in this south Florida location and learn more about your camping options at the outpost. 

The Weather At Fisheating Creek Outpost

South Florida has hot and rainy summer months, with lots of mosquitos, and cool winters. The winters are also dryer here. 

This means that the water levels can be too low for kayak and canoe trips, so if that is in your plan, you’ll want to read more about this weather consideration further down in this guide. 

While mosquito repellent and sunscreen are always a good idea in this location, you’ll want to be extra careful to have repellent and sunscreen during the hot summer months and take extra care to hydrate. 

The most popular season for exploring all that Fisheating Creek Outpost has to offer is in the fall from late October through December. This finds the water levels often at good depths for kayaking or canoeing, cooler weather, and fewer mosquitos. 

The Fisheating Creek Outpost Camping Options

You can stay at the official outpost campground or you can camp along the river while kayaking or canoeing. 

The Fisheating Creek Outpost campground has 120 campsites. They average in cost from $14 to $35. 

RVers will find full hookup sites complete with water, sewer, and both 30 and 50 amp electric sites. There are 68 tent camping sites. You can make campsite reservations on their website, where you can also see a map of the campground. 

Guest check in begins at 3 pm. You need to check out of the campground by 1 pm. You need to check in at The Camp Store.

For primitive camping along the river, you will need to check with the outpost for information on some of the great spots you can stop for the night and what their rules are. This is a popular and common option for those kayaking here.

How To Get To This Florida Outpost

Fisheating Creek is in south Florida in the center of the state. This special location is a two hour drive west of Palm Beach. It’s a two and a half hour to three hour drive north of Miami. 

The remote location is part of the beauty of this location, where you’ll be immersed in the beauty of south Floriday’s nature.

What To Do At Fisheating Creek Outpost

Activities at Fisheating Creek Outpost include:

  • Swimming. This is allowed in designated areas only for safety.
  • Bird Watching. You may be able to see great blue heron, little blues, great white egret, swallow tailed kites, and ibis, among others.
  • Kayaking.
  • Canoeing.
  • Hiking.
  • Paddleboarding.
  • Camping. This can be enjoyed in their campground or along the river.
  • Fishing. You will need a Florida fishing license.
  • Hunting.

Kayaking At Fisheating Creek Outpost

Though there are many activities to be enjoyed here, the most popular activity is kayaking. Fisheating Creek Outpost has become famous as a special and beautiful place for nature lovers to get an upclose look at the natural beauty of south Florida, especially by kayak. 

There are 52 miles of water to be explored here, but 8 main miles most will want to explore. 

The main challenge with kayaking at Fisheating Creek Outpost is the shifting water levels. You need 1.5 feet of water to kayak. For canoeing, levels need to be at 2 feet. 

During the hot, rainy, and humid summer months, the water levels will be high enough to safely plan a trip. However, these months are very uncomfortable and riddled with mosquitos, making them a much less popular choice. 

The winter months can become dry and water levels are frequently too low to kayak, despite how much more comfortable the weather is for exploring. 

The solution to this challenge is to watch the water levels, which you can easily check on the outpost’s website, and plan a trip during the fall months.

For your best chances, look at kayaking here sometime in the period between October and December. 

Even in November, when the weather is at its peak, you aren’t likely to run into many other kayakers on the water, so you don’t need to worry about crowds when planning the best time to go. 

Read more on what to wear kayaking.

What to Bring With You

While your individual trip needs may vary, the most important things to bring with you to Fisheating Creek Outpost will be mosquito repellent and sun protection, especially if you are visiting in the hot and muggy summer months. 

Consider bringing sunglasses, a hat, water, food, camping gear, a kayak or canoe, and lightweight clothing with thorough coverage. 

Keep in mind that the outpost has The Camp Store, where you can purchase snacks, souvenirs, and essential items you may not have brought with you. There, you can also rent paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, and bicycles. 

Get Closer to Nature at Fisheating Creek Outpost

Fisheating Creek Outpost is a special hidden gem in south Florida. If you are looking for a place to camp and get in touch with nature, this should be a top contender on your list.

For those looking for a unique kayaking adventure, there’s nothing like this outpost.

Plan your trip with an eye on the water levels and a careful consideration for the south Florida weather, and you’ll be sure to experience a trip you won’t soon forget.

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